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Welcome to the Main Street By Mail catalog!

In "The Basics" you will find solid interlocks (cotton/polyester and 100% cotton), Lycra ribs, sweatshirt fleece and specialty fabrics like Jiffy Grip, swimwear lining and more.....

Volume 10 Number 2 is a wonderful group of pastels and brights in all types of fabric from needleout knits to rib knits.  French terry is back in this volume in many great new colors......turquoise, pink, blue, navy, charcoal and more! 

Volume 10 Number 1 is jam packed with floral prints and textures.  Wonderful rib prints, jersey florals, Hi-Lo interlocks, and brand new double knits are just some of the fabrics featured.  Colors range from pretty pinks to whimsical citrus shades!

Volume 9 Number 4 includes many new fabrics for you to choose from.  Spot the dog, teddy bears, football motifs, and beetles are among the prints for the kids.  Needleout ribs, Hi-Lo ribs, double knits and sweatshirt fleeces are featured for a well rounded group of textures. 

Volume 9 Number 3 is a fabric collection that includes plenty of fabrics suitable for the kids and for you too!  Choose from cotton/Lycra stripes, solids, needle-out ribs and prints.  For those of you who love "texture", there are great choices in both Group 3 and Group 4.  Special prints include dinosaurs, bugs, flowers, vines and Sesame Street characters! 

Volume 9 Number 2 includes all types and textures of fabric.  Of extra special interest is the Tiny Needle-Out Cotton/Lycra Rib Knit.....a lovely fabric that is seen quite extensively in ready-to-wear.  New color combinations of rib stripes are also featured, as well as some new stock on colors that were previously out of stock.  Finishing up this volume are great prints in interlock and jersey.  Please enjoy browsing these fabrics!

Volume 9 Number 1 is a beautiful selection of interlock prints, pointelle knits, Bubble Cotton/Lycra knits, Ribbed Cotton/Lycra Solids, and soft rib knit solids and prints.  Also, don't miss out on our lovely group of French terry solids that are just perfect for all sorts of sportswear separates for multi-season wear.  Sewing with knits is easier than ever!!

Volume 8 Number 4 is a wonderful collection of fabrics for the entire family.  Sew up some casual sweatshirt fleece outfits for yourself and the kids with our new solids and prints.  As usual, you can choose from a lovely group of cotton/Lycra solids and prints in all the fashion colors.  Double knit solids are also a "stand out" in this volume, so be sure to take a look.  Knits are fun and easy to sew with, no matter what your "skill" level may be!

Volume 8 Number 3 is full of fabrics from Oshkosh overruns.  Cotton/Lycra prints and solids abound, as well as rib prints and sweatshirt fleece solids.  You can also choose from Lycra rib knits, Chunky Rib Stripes and holiday cotton/Lycra prints.  Many of these fabrics coordinate to make your wardrobe sewing fun and easy.  

Volume 8 Number 2 .  There are many colorful, wonderful fabrics to choose from in this volume.  New French terry solids, cotton/Lycra prints, cotton/Lycra solids, jersey solids and prints, rib knit stripes, rib knit prints and swimwear prints.  Many of the fabrics are made to coordinate, saving you much needed time to sew.

Volume 8 Number 1 is one of the finest groups of fabrics we have ever had.  There are plenty of fabrics to choose from....French terry solids, cotton/Lycra solids, cotton/Lycra prints, double knits, sweater knits, wool jerseys.  Many of the fabrics have coordinates to choose from!  You will be inspired to start the season's sewing.

Volume 7 Number 4 includes some super fabrics!  Take a look at the stretch velours, whimsical rib prints, cotton/Lycra stripes, needleout rib knit solids, French terry prints, thermal solids, and fancy knit jerseys.  Enough choices for everyone to sew to their heart's delight!

Volume 7 Number 3 includes cotton jerseys, sweatshirt fleeces and cotton/Lycra solids and prints.  Choose from bright colors, as well as "earthtone" shades....whatever your creative spirit desires.

Volume 7 Number 2 brings you a large selection of one of the season's most popular fashion items....stripes, stripes, and more stripes.  Choose from rib stripes, shiny yarn stripes and cotton/Lycra stripes.  Also featured are cotton jersey solids, French terry solids, and interlock prints.  The selection will inspire your creative spirit!

Volume 7 Number 1.  Choose from floral interlocks, pointelle prints, fruit interlocks, Tarzan and Star Wars prints, "Puff Paint" rib prints, solid rib knits, "Flapdoodles" prints (and a matching solid), and kids prints for all ages.  As always, we have a gorgeous selection of cotton/Lycra prints and solids to choose from.....florals, mini checks, plaids and solids.  Last but not least, we have three brand new colors in sweatshirt fleece!  Enjoy!

Volume 6 Number 4 is a previous season catalog.  Highlights include character prints, needleout knits, new shades in cotton/Lycra, baby prints, sweatshirt fleeces, designer overruns and interlock prints.  Spend some quality time with your sewing machine and enjoy the season's new fabrics.  Click on Volume 6 Number 4 here or at the left to go directly to the new selections.

Volume 6 Number 3 is a previous catalog.  Great selections include new cotton/Lycra solids, Osh Kosh Lycra prints, "beefy" sweatshirt solids and prints, jersey prints and novelty textures.  Also included are whimsical animal prints featuring dogs, jungle animals and tiny baby prints.  Click on Volume 6 Number 3 here, or on your screen at the left, to go directly to the new selection.  Happy sewing!

Volume 6 Number 2 is a previous catalog.  Highlights include floral prints, scrumptious new colors in cotton/Lycra, miniature floral prints, fun juvenile prints, Summer beach prints, baby prints, Lycra/cotton double knits, pointelle knits and novelty stitch textured knits.  Click on Volume 6 Number 2 here, or in the list at the left of your screen to go directly to our current season catalog.  Enjoy the great selections still available from this catalog!


Our notions include the perfect accessories for sewing with knits.  You will find great elastics, snaps, shoulder pads, interfacings and stabilizers, machine needles, and Stretch & Sew« brand notions.

The patterns that are available from Main Street By Mail specialize in designs that work especially well with knits.  Stretch & Sew« patterns are available in-stock for immediate shipment. Kwik Sew« patterns are special ordered by us, and then mailed directly to you.

The books available are also by Kwik Sew« and Stretch & Sew«.  All titles by Kwik Sew« include multi-sized patterns and are a great value for your money.

Fabric bundles are pre-cut pieces of fabric for a special purpose. Order bundles to get a small assortment of a certain fabric type for a much more economical price.  Click on bundles at the left to see a detailed list.



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